7 Days Greek Islands – Cyclades (from Mykonos)

7 Days Greek Islands – Cyclades (from Mykonos)

Introduction to a Cycladic Adventure

Embark on a spectacular 7-day journey through the Cyclades, starting from the vibrant island of Mykonos. This guide will navigate you through the enchanting Greek Islands, offering a perfect blend of culture, natural beauty, and relaxation.

The Enchantment of the Cyclades

Discover the unique charm of the Cycladic Islands, known for their iconic white-washed buildings, stunning beaches, and rich history. This itinerary is designed to showcase the best of this captivating region.

Day 1: Mykonos – The Glamorous Gateway

Exploring Mykonos

  • Iconic Beaches and Attractions: Start your journey in Mykonos, famous for its lively beaches and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Visit landmarks like the Windmills and Little Venice.
  • Nightlife and Dining: Experience Mykonos’ renowned nightlife and enjoy a gourmet dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 2: Delos and Rhenia – Stepping into History

The Sacred Island of Delos

  • Archaeological Wonders: Take a short boat trip to the ancient island of Delos, one of Greece’s most significant archaeological sites.
  • Tranquility of Rhenia: Spend the afternoon in the serene environment of Rhenia, swimming in crystal-clear waters.
7 Days Greek Islands – Cyclades (from Mykonos) 2

7 Days Greek Islands – Cyclades (from Mykonos) 2

Day 3: Naxos – The Heart of the Cyclades

Experiencing Authentic Greek Culture

  • Cultural Exploration: Sail to Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades, known for its rich history and traditional villages.
  • Natural Beauty: Enjoy the island’s diverse landscapes, from mountainous villages to stunning beaches.

Day 4: Paros – The Charming Blend

Discovering Paros

  • Vibrant Villages: Visit the charming villages of Naoussa and Parikia in Paros, each offering a unique glimpse into Greek island life.
  • Beach Relaxation: Unwind on some of Paros’ beautiful beaches, perfect for relaxation or water sports.

The first four days of your Cycladic journey from Mykonos introduce you to the diverse and rich experiences of the Greek Islands. From the historical depths of Delos to the cultural richness of Naxos and Paros, each day brings new discoveries.

Unveiling the Beauty of the Cyclades: Days 5 to 7

Day 5: Sifnos – The Culinary Paradise

Gastronomic Delights and Scenic Beauty

  • Sifnos Cuisine: Known for its culinary heritage, Sifnos offers a feast for the senses. Indulge in local specialties like mastelo and revithada.
  • Exploring the Island: Wander through the picturesque villages of Apollonia and Kastro, absorbing the island’s traditional charm.
7 Days Greek Islands – Cyclades (from Mykonos) 3

7 Days Greek Islands – Cyclades (from Mykonos) 3

Relaxing Beaches

  • Beach Time: Spend the afternoon on one of Sifnos’ tranquil beaches, such as Platys Gialos or Vathi.

Day 6: Milos – The Island of Colors

Natural Wonders of Milos

  • Volcanic Landscapes: Discover Milos’ unique volcanic geography, including its stunning moon-like landscapes and colorful beaches.
  • Sarakiniko Beach: Visit the iconic Sarakiniko Beach, famous for its white lunar landscape and turquoise waters.

Historical Exploration

  • Catacombs and Ancient Theater: Explore the island’s rich history by visiting its catacombs and the ancient theater.

Day 7: Return to Mykonos

Reflecting on Your Journey

  • Leisure Day in Mykonos: Use this day to relax on Mykonos’ beaches, revisit favorite spots, or explore areas you might have missed.
  • Sunset Farewell: Enjoy a final breathtaking sunset, marking the end of your unforgettable journey through the Cyclades.

The last three days of your Cycladic adventure introduce you to the culinary delights of Sifnos and the stunning landscapes of Milos, culminating in a relaxing day back in Mykonos. This itinerary promises a rich tapestry of experiences, from gastronomic discoveries to geological wonders, making your Greek island boat charter an exceptional journey.

7 Days Greek Islands – Cyclades (from Mykonos) 4

7 Days Greek Islands – Cyclades (from Mykonos) 4

Navigating Your Greek Island Adventure: Practical Tips and Insights

Maximizing Your Island-Hopping Experience from Mykonos

Day Trips and Island Connections

  • Accessible Islands: From Mykonos, you can easily day trip to nearby islands like Delos and Rhenia, offering rich historical sites and serene beaches.
  • Island Hopping: Utilize Mykonos as a hub to hop to other Cycladic islands, such as Naxos, Paros, and Tinos, each offering unique experiences and easily reachable by boat.

Planning Your 7 Days in Greece

Crafting a Memorable Itinerary

  • Balance Your Schedule: Divide your time between exploration, relaxation, and travel. Include a mix of popular spots and off-the-beaten-path destinations for a well-rounded experience.
  • Local Experiences: Engage with local culture and cuisine. Each island has its unique traditions and flavors to discover.

How to Do the Greek Islands in a Week

Efficient Travel Planning

  • Select Fewer Islands: Focus on a few islands to avoid rushing and to immerse yourself more deeply in each location.
  • Consider Travel Time: Account for travel time between islands. Opting for a boat charter in Greece can provide a more flexible and enjoyable way to navigate between islands.
7 Days Greek Islands – Cyclades (from Mykonos) 5

7 Days Greek Islands – Cyclades (from Mykonos) 5

Making the Most of Each Island

Recommended Stay Duration

  • Mykonos and Santorini: Spend at least two days in major islands like Mykonos and Santorini to experience their iconic sights and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Smaller Islands: Allocate a day each for smaller islands like Sifnos or Milos to enjoy their unique charm without rushing.


A 7-day journey through the Cyclades from Mykonos is an enchanting experience, offering a tapestry of breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and culinary delights. By carefully planning your itinerary and embracing the unique rhythm of each island, you can ensure a Greek island adventure that is both memorable and fulfilling.