What are the cancellation policies for catamaran rentals in Greece?

What are the Cancellation Policies for Catamaran Rentals in Greece?

It’s important to know the cancellation regulations while organising a fantastic boat trip in Greece. You may make educated selections by using this thorough guide, which will walk you through all the many aspects of cancellation policies for catamaran rentals.

Comprehending Cancellation Policies

The Significance of Cancellation Policies

Cancellation rules are crucial since they safeguard the charter company as well as the client. In the event of unanticipated changes, they guarantee fair procedures and offer clarity on financial duties.

Different Cancellation Policy Types

Depending on the type of catamaran, the charter business, and the exact conditions of the rental agreement, cancellation policies can differ significantly. They typically consist of non-refundable terms, partial refunds, and full refunds.

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 2

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 2

Standard Catamaran Rental Cancellation Policy

Complete Refund Policy

Some businesses provide a complete refund if the reservation is cancelled within a certain window of time prior to the departure date. A few weeks to many months may pass during this time, based on the company’s policies.

Policy for Partial Refunds

If you cancel your reservation within a specific window of time, you will be reimbursed for a portion of your deposit, according to a partial refund policy. The refund amount decreases with the proximity of the cancellation to the departure date.

Policy of Non-Refund

In some circumstances, the cancellation may not be refunded, particularly during busy times of the year or during exclusive offers. Usually, reservations made with little notice or at steeply discounted prices are covered by this provision.ž

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 3

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 3

Factors Affecting Policies Regarding Cancellation

Time of Year

The cancellation policy is highly dependent on when you book your Greek boat trip. Because there is more demand during peak season, which includes the summer, restrictions are typically tougher.

Kind of Charter

The cancellation rules can vary depending on whether you choose a crewed catamaran charter or a skippered yacht charter in Greece . Compared to bareboat charters, skippered and crewed charters frequently have stricter restrictions.

The length of the charter

Your charter’s duration is another important factor. Compared to weekend trips that are shorter in duration, longer charters may provide more flexible cancellation policies.

Particular Pointers for Cancellation Procedures

Health Concerns

Nowadays, a lot of charter companies have policies in place for cancellations owing to medical conditions, particularly in light of the current state of world health. It’s crucial to confirm whether these terms are included in your reservation.

Weather Situations

Sewing plans may be affected by severe weather. When sailing becomes dangerous due to weather, several firms provide refunds or options for rescheduling.

Unexpected Events

Unpredictable occurrences like natural catastrophes, political upheaval, or other exceptional circumstances are frequently covered by the force majeure clause, which permits postponements or cancellations without incurring fees.

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 4

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 4

How to Return a Rental Catamaran

How to Cancel Your Reservation

  1. Review the Policy: Go over the exact terms and conditions of your reservation before attempting to cancel.
  2. Contact the Company: Make contact with the charter business by phone or email to let them know your choice.
  3. Provide Necessary Documentation: If appropriate, give any documents that is needed, such as emergency proof or medical certifications.
  4. Confirm Cancellation: Make sure you get a written confirmation of the cancellation along with any information on the refund.

Speaking with the Charter Company

Good communication is essential. Keep track of every email you send and follow up if you don’t hear back right away.

Processing Time for Refunds

Average Time for Processing

Refunds can be processed in a few days to a few weeks, depending on the payment method and the company’s policy.

Hold-ups and Reminders

If there are any delays, get in touch with customer support as soon as possible to find out how your refund is progressing.

Managing Cancellation Policies: Useful Advice and Guidance

Following up on our first discussion of cancellation policies for Greek catamaran rentals, this part goes into further detail with useful advice. Knowing these will greatly improve your preparation and guarantee a smooth sailing vacation in Greece.

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 5

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 5

An in-depth analysis of scenarios involving cancellations

Early Termination Situations

Complete Refund Requirements

If a cancellation is made far in advance, a lot of charter firms offer a complete refund. Usually, this time frame starts 60 to 90 days prior to the departure date. Verifying the precise duration as stated in the contract conditions terms is essential.

Partial Refund Requirements

When cancellations happen closer to the travel date, partial refunds are typical. For example, there could be a 50% return for cancellations made between thirty and fifty-nine days before to travel. You can make better plans if you understand these tiers.

Last-minute Changes in Plans

Non-Refundable Reservations

Reservations made with little to no notice—less than 30 days—usually don’t have refunds. This is especially typical at the busiest times of the year when demand is strong.

Particular Situations

Certain companies provide coupons for future usage or rescheduling choices in the event of emergency or unanticipated circumstances, such bad weather or health concerns.

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 6

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 6

Protection Against Cancellation and Insurance

Travel Insurance Is Essential

When reserving a crewed catamaran charter in Greece, having travel insurance is an essential precaution. It can cover cancellations for a variety of reasons, such as unexpected medical issues, interrupted travel, and more.

Insurance for Cancellations

To provide customers even more peace of mind, several charter businesses provide specialised cancellation insurance. If you have to cancel, this insurance can pay for most or all of the cost of your rental.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Greek Catamaran Rentals

What is the Yacht Charters Cancellation Policy?

Companies that offer yacht charters in Greece have different cancellation policies, but generally speaking, cancellations made far in advance are fully refunded, those made closer to the departure date are partially refunded, and last-minute cancellations are subject to non-refundable terms. Make sure you are aware of all the conditions mentioned in your rental agreement.

How Much Does a Catamaran Rental Cost in Greece?

The kind of boat, time of year, and length of stay all affect how much it costs to hire a catamaran in Greece. Prices can range from €2,500 to €12,000 a week on average. You can consult this  list of catamarans for charter. for an extensive inventory of available boats along with their associated costs.

What is Required in Greece to Rent a Bareboat?

A valid sailing licence accepted by Greek authorities is required, as is usually the presence of a second person with sufficient sailing experience, in order to hire a bareboat in Greece. It may also be necessary for you to provide a sailing logbook or résumé.

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 7

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 7

Does Catamaran Offer Adoption?

Catamaran charters that are all-inclusive usually cover the cost of the boat, crew, fuel, meals, and drinks. But, as inclusions differ from company to company, it is imperative to confirm what is included in your charter package. The best choice for individuals seeking a fully managed experience is to lease a crewed catamaran charter .

Advice on Reducing the Chance of Cancellation

Make a reservation early

When you reserve your catamaran well in advance, you not only guarantee your first choice of dates and boat but also have more options when it comes to cancellation.

Recognise the Agreement

Read and comprehend the terms of your charter contract carefully. Keep an eye out for any additional terms that may impact your booking, as well as the cancellation and refund procedures.

Keep Up With The Weather

Greece’s sailing season is very consistent, but it’s a good idea to monitor weather reports, particularly if making travel plans in the shoulder seasons.

Continue to Communicate Well

Any problems can be minimised by having regular, open communication with the charter firm. Answer any queries or issues you may have regarding your reservation as soon as possible.

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 8

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 8

Getting Ready for Any Cancellations

Adaptable Travel Schedules

When organising your Greek yacht trip, keep your itinerary flexible. In order to make it simpler to modify your timetable if necessary, this can include buffer days before and after your charter term.

Restore Points

Determine backup plans, such as different charter dates or kinds of charters. Should your initial plans need to be modified, having a backup plan will help you feel less stressed.

Record Everything

Maintain thorough records of all conversations, agreements, and invoices. This will be important should you need to talk to the charter business about any disagreements or problems.

Policies for Cancellations in Various Charter Companies

It is vital to comprehend the cancellation procedures of different charter firms in order to make well-informed choices. This section will shed light on the charter business practices of certain well-known Greek operators.

Top Charter Firms and Their Guidelines


With Sunsail’s flexible cancellation policy, clients can postpone their trip for up to 30 days and still get a complete refund. There is a 50% fee for cancellations made less than 30 days before travel. There is no refund for last-minute cancellations (within 14 days).

The Moorings

The Moorings’ cancellation policy is tier-based. If you need to cancel, you can get your money back in full up to 90 days before your trip. 30% of cancellations made 89–60 days before to the trip, 50% of cancellations made 59–30 days prior, and no refunds for cancellations made fewer than 30 days prior are assessed.

Dream Yacht Charter

If a cancellation is made more than ninety days in advance, Dream Yacht Charter will reimburse the entire amount. There is a 30% cost for the first 89–60 days, and a 50% fee for the next 59–30 days. If you need to cancel within 30 days of your departure, there is no refund available.

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 9

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 9

What to Do If You Have to Refund

Reaching Out to Your Charter Company

Early Dialogue

Get in touch with your charter company as soon as possible if you anticipate having to cancel. A complete or partial refund is more likely if there is early communication.

Providing the Required Records

Provide the required paperwork, such as medical certifications, to bolster your claim if your cancellation was brought on by illness or other serious circumstances. Occasionally, this can result in better outcomes.

Procedures for Follow-Up

Verifying Termination

Make sure the charter company provides you with a formal proof of your cancellation. Information about any applicable fees or refunds should be included in this.

Verifying the Status of a Refund

Keep an eye on the refund in your credit card or bank account. Make sure it’s being handled by getting in touch with the charter business if it doesn’t show up in the anticipated amount of time.

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 10

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 10

Handling Last-Minute Changes in Plans


Emergencies in Health

Most firms will work with you to postpone your vacation or offer a partial refund if you have a health emergency. Make sure you have full coverage for unexpected events with your travel insurance.

Weather-Related Postponements

There are occasions when severe weather causes cancellations. In these situations, charter companies frequently provide refunds or rescheduling. Make sure to regularly review the weather policies included in your contract.

Other Unexpected Occurrences

Unexpected occurrences like family emergencies or problems at work may also need last-minute cancellations. Maintain open lines of communication with your charter firm and send any supporting documents that is needed.

Some Advice for Easy Cancellation Procedures

Term Understanding in Clear

Examining the Detailed Information

Make sure you have read and comprehended your charter agreement’s cancellation terms and conditions completely. Pay close attention to the return percentage and the cancellation deadlines.

Posing Queries

Never be afraid to contact the charter company for clarification if you have any questions. Having a clear understanding up front is preferable to being caught off guard later.

Having Records Close at Hand

Confirmation of Booking

Maintain easy access to your contract, booking confirmation, and correspondence via email with the charter company. In the event of a disagreement, these records are essential.

Policy for Travel Insurance

Bring the details of your travel insurance policy with you. Understanding the benefits of your policy will make it easier for you to submit a claim in the event of a cancellation.

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 11

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 11

Concluding Remarks Regarding Catamaran Charters

Making Knowledgeable Choices

Comparing Businesses

Examine the cancellation policies offered by various charter providers prior to making a reservation. This can assist you in selecting the one that provides the best terms for your need.

Recognising the Expenses

Recognise all possible expenses associated with cancellations, such as non-refundable fees or deposits. You can avoid financial surprises and create an acceptable budget with the help of this information.

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 12

Cancellation Policies For Catamaran 12

Savouring Your Boat Trip

You may spend more time enjoying your Greek boat trip by being aware of and prepared for possible cancellations. It’s easier and more pleasurable to travel with confidence knowing your booking terms, whether you’re crewed catamaran or touring the islands on a skippered yacht charter .


Although navigating Greece’s catamaran rental cancellation regulations might be difficult, with proper preparation and comprehension, you can reduce risks and have a worry-free trip. Understanding your rights and obligations can help to guarantee that your experience is as smooth as the waters you’ll be sailing on, whether you’re dealing with last-minute adjustments, early cancellations, or unanticipated incidents.